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the calm shattered this morning in a vallejo neighborhood where a man is accused of shooting and killing two of his neighbors. i'm christie smith. i'll have reaction coming up. another run of violence has san jose city leaders calling for action yet again. and the first presidential debate now in the books, the surprising reaction from analyst and voters right here in the bay area. hear who they think came out on top and why. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. it was a deadly night out on the streets of san jose as police investigate two separate
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homicides just four hours and only four miles apart. homicides number 35 and 36 this year alone. bob redell is live at the police department. you just attended a press conference there, getting more information about the latest run of violence. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. san jose in the past has prided itself on being america's safest big city has just racked up homicides number 35 and 36 for the year. police believe one of them is gang-related. when we spoke with sapd within the past hour, the officer wondered if the city's still had its gang tax force if that task force was still intact. a group of friends were celebrating one of their birthdays outside a house.
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one of them tells us two member, gang members, he believes, barged into the party and shot and killed his friend. a man in his 30s with a wife and child. he doesn't understand why his friend would be targeted, says he wasn't a gang-banger. described him as being too old for that kind of lifestyle. >> we were hanging out. there was no gang-bangers involved. there was nobody that gang-bangs here with no colors whatsoever. just outside barbecuing. all you hear is about three to four guys outside koog barbecue, run into the house. and you hear, shots fired! the guy who got shot dropped in the floor. >> i grew up around the corner from the homicide out in dobern. this is the worst spike in violence i've seen in the time that i've been living here. and growing up in that area, we were exposed to violence.
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but it's something i've never seen. >> reporter: about four hours earlier tonight and four miles west in downtown san jose, another man was murdered. around 8:30 police responded to reports of a fight near the intersection of second and east stanford. they found a man unconscious. tried to revive him. he died on the scene. police have not identified any suspects, have not made any arrests yet in either of last night's crimes. reporting live here outside san jose police, bob redell, nbc 11 nbc bay area news. a suspect is recovering as police investigate an officer-involved shooting on the caltrans tracks in san jose. police say the man was walking on the tracks yesterday afternoon. when deputies and officers confronted him, police say he wouldn't cooperate and started running at them with a metal spike. a deputy shot the man. >> there's a certain point, if an officer believes his life or his health and safety is in danger or that of his fellow
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officers and the suspect is actively arming himself, the officer felt threatened and did what he had to do to protect himself. >> the man was taken to valley medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. train service stopped while police investigated. but everything is back to normal this morning. police at this hour investigating a double homicide that left two men dead and a 65-year-old man behind bars. all three men involved were neighbors and strangely enough, they were also good friends. the investigation is taking place on foulkkstone way in vallejo. christie smith is there live with more on this deadly fight and what the police are saying about the suspect. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i have to say, this is really upsetting people in this neighborhood. they've lived here for years, all seem to know each other. they tell us the suspect lived in this home and that he would often hang out across the street with his friends in the driveway. they would laugh, watch sports, sometimes they would argue.
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well, this morning, there are flowers in the driveway. neighbors tell us they knew the suspect had guns but no one imagined this. >> martin walked across the street, came back waving a gun and said, martin, you're not going to shoot me, you'll go to jail. martin shot them both. >> reporter: jamie dowd says she can't believe it came to this. her neighbor is now accused of shooting two other neighbors and she says they were all friends. >> nothing like this. >> reporter: last night, police got a call of shots fired on foulkkstone way in vallejo. they arrived and found two men shot in a driveway. they were promounsed dead at the scene. after taking with the police negotiator in his home, they arrested 65-year-old martin hogenegger. >> i'm just speechless. that someone could be sitting in their driveway and enjoying the hot day and all of a sudden, just kill. it's a tragedy.
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>> they're loving. very close. >> reporter: neighbors say they all hung out constantly in the driveway, though sometimes one of the friends argued with hogenegger about politics. he was a marine and a vietnam vet. now the entire neighborhood is stunned. >> the three nicest guys in this entire neighborhood, and this is the situation that happened. >> reporter: and neighbors have been coming by this morning leaving notes, some of them in tears, offering their sympathy to the family. we do have calls into vallejo police this morning. aside from releasing a statement yesterday, they said the case is still under investigation. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. oakland leaders are addressing the latest spree of deadly violence that's gripping their city. mayor general kwan, the police chief and other leaders are holding a joint press conference scheduled to start a few minutes ago. they are expected to give information on a string of
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recent shootings during an 18-hour period starting on monday night. five men were shot to death in different parts of east oakland. oakland now has 94 homicides this year. we have our crews there. we'll bring you all the information tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. bay area relatives of u.s. ambassador chris stevens announcing a very special memorial service, a tribute in his honor. that service will be held at san francisco city hall october 16th. the public is invited to this service but do keep in mind the city hall rotunda only holds about 700 people. stevens was killed in libya just last month. he was 52 years old. the driver of a big rig that crashed into an amtrak train causing it to derail is talking this morning. he told police he doesn't know why he drove his big rig through a flashing crossing gate and then hit the train. the crash happened monday just south of fresno. the train was traveling from
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oakland to bakersfield. the chp says he was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. 39 people on that train were hurt. gay rights activists in san francisco right now planning to demonstrate outside today at the installation of archbishop salvato salvatore cordileone. protesters say he played a major role backing prop 8. he was arrested in san diego at a dui checkpoint back in august. today's ceremony will take place at st. mary's cathedral. serious magic this morning in oakland. the athletics officially the kings of the a.l. west. they finished off the rangers 12-5 in the season finale. amazing when you think most experts counted these guys out at the start of the season. and the season looked like a lost cause during the midway point. but it's all good news now. all the green and gold roll into playoffs.
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>> i didn't go to the bathroom and i didn't have no beer. i watched the whole game. it was awesome. it was awesome. >> that's what you call a die-hard fan. he will be able to take a bathroom break during the next game. the a's start the postseason in detroit. game one is saturday at 3:00. game two is sunday, time to be determined. then the a's are back in oakland for game three. that time is also yet to be determined. over on the other side of the bay, a lot of fans probably willing to sacrifice bathrooms and brew for that guy, buster posey wins the national league batting title during the regular season with a .336 batting average. posey, the first catcher to win that title since way back in 1942. the giants start their postseason run at home saturday. they're in a best of five series taking on the cincinnati reds. game time set for 6:30. game two also at home. that will be on sunday. then game three, they take the series out to cincinnati. that will fire up on thursday.
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>> got to consider him a true athlete. >> he was banged up last year. >> christina loren joining us to talk about the forecast. >> lots happening, including the giants' playoff game. i'm feeling really good about it. of course, we're the proud home of the giants. we're going to get to the forecast in just a minute. probably noticed the cooler weather today if you didn't notice it yesterday, i'm certain you did today. low clouds situated over the bay bridge. and already seeing some action out there on the bay. america's cup, that's coming in this weekend. we have fleet week taking place, the bluegrass festival and of course the giants all in san francisco on saturday. so weather is going to come into play. looks like we're going to be cool and cloudy. this is the last day we'll be enjoying the upper 60s at this hour. just to give you a preview over the next three days. 69 degrees tomorrow. that's going to be the warmest
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day of the next three, if you wanted to head out to the bay. saturday into sunday, the giants take it to at&t park. temperatures are going to drop off. mostly cloudy conditions. a few showers on the way. so want to help you plan around them. >> very nice. great weekend planned ahead. still ahead at 11:00, how about this? a little south bay girl begging for the return of her stolen puppy. she is such a sweetheart. what she's offering for the pup's return. and we'll take a look back at the duel in denver. which candidate will get a bump in the polls? we'll let you know what experts are saying. and can the bay area's tesla survive a romney presidency? we'll take a look in business news.
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welcome back to now decision 2012. both president obama and mitt
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romney are back on the campaign trail talking to voters less than 24 hours after the first presidential debate of this campaign. nbc's danielle leigh is in washington with how political advisers say last night's debate could affect today's conversations. >> reporter: republican mitt romney may have secured exactly what he needed out of this first presidential debate, a fresh look for undecided voters. >> he laid out a very clear choice and a big choice. that's what this election is about. >> reporter: the candidates sparred on key issues this election, taxes, job growth and medicare. >> i'd rather have a private plan. i'd just as soon not have the government telling me what kind of health care i can have. >> every study has shown that medicare has lowered administrative costs than private insurance does which is why seniors are generally pretty happy with it. and private insurers have to make a profit. >> reporter: even advisers to president obama admit romney did well. >> i give him credit for a strong performance.
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>> reporter: the debate was one of the most substantive in recent history. now democrats hope to seize on the details to attack romney moving forward. >> are we going to hold the governor accountable for his fraudulent positions? yes, we're going to do that. >> reporter: obama's campaign is continuing an argument that romney will initiate $5 trillion in tax cuts favoring the wealthy. >> governor romney's proposal that he's been promoting for 18 months calls for a $5 trillion tax cut. >> virtually everything he just said about my tax plan sin accurate. >> reporter: meanwhile romney's campaign is pleased. >> governor romney was clearly very much in command of the facts last night and had solutions. >> reporter: hoping to build on that calm, cool confidence that came auto for the first time in a while. we've yet to see how romney's performance will affect his standing in the national polls where he's been trailing by several points. that could take days. in washington, i'm danielle leigh, nbc news. this morning, of course, everybody's got an opinion, taking time to weigh in on who
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they think actually won that debate. that includes a group of political science students from san jose state who watched the debate together last night downtown. after it was all over, even some of the president's biggest supporters in the room, yeah, they had to admit, romney gets the slight edge. >> overall, romney from my perspective did a little bit better. he wasn't as specific as obama, but he set out to attack obama more. >> a political science professor from san jose state telling us, she thinks romney will get a nice bump in the polls from that debate. she adds whether that bumps come in the all-important swing states where the race is still very tight that, remains to be seen. here's a question, historically how much impact do presidential debates have on an election when it's all said and done? we asked that question to a professor of political science at santa clara university. >> that's a good question. in 2004, john kerry won the first debate against president bush.
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and in 1984, reagan stumbled in the first debate against mondale and it didn't seem to hurt them very much. it will be interesting to see as the polls come out in the next week whether or not romney gets a bumping and whether or not it's a lasting bump. there's only a month left before the election and he really needs to get some momentum going. he's been behind obama for the first part of the race. it will be interesting to see if the debate really pushes it. history suggests that it may not. >> for continuing coverage from this debate, go to we have posted the transcripts of the full debate as well as analysis from political experts. next up, the vice presidential candidates will square off on october 11th. you may have noticed mitt romney last night didn't really have very nice things to say about the bay area's tesla. scott mcgrew, what do you think? >> probably wouldn't survive if it were just starting out. romney calling tesla a loser. >> solyndra and tesla and
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interone, i had a friend who said, you don't pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers. this is not the kind of policy you want to have. you want to get america energy secure. >> the companies like solyndra and tesla, the company had no comment on being called out, though tesla founder did say in a blog post that not only is tesla healthy, it would be cash positive by next month. and in fact, it may pay off its department of energy loans early. now, could it have gotten that initial loan under a romney presidency? probably not, given the loser comment. now, tesla says it has enough money to continue its work no matter who's president. but not everybody's convinced. here's cnbc's jim cramer this morning giving stock advice were romney to win. >> you would short the heck out of tesla. tesla comes out and provides an
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update today. but first solar and tesla are shorts in a romney administration. whoa. >> cramer definitely not convinced. tesla probably thrown unfairly into that pile with three other companies that are really not doing very well. but interesting to see mitt romney call it out specifically. >> scott, thank you very much. we've been telling you all sorts of good news and good vibrations on the baseball field. but not such great news for the san jose sharks fans. reuters reports the nhl is canceling the first two weeks of the season. we haven't confirmed this. but reuters announcing the nhl canceling the first two weeks of the season. they are locked up in a dispute for money in that lockout. we'll keep you posted. we'll let you know if in fact the first two weeks of the nhl season has been canceled. from one sport to the other, talking about sailing, the
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second day of sailing competition is about to get under way in san francisco. a close finish yesterday as team korea beats out team luna rossa piranha in the america's cup quarterfinals. at the helm, the youngest skipper competing this week, he's just 21 years old. he joined the team two weeks ago after winning the silver medal for sailing at the olympics in london this past summer. a lot of activity on and over the bay this afternoon. the america's cup finals starts at 12:20. the blue angels practice at 1:00 for their fleet week air show. and sailing resumes at 5:10 tonight with more fleet racing. >> i'm looking forward to all that out there. >> it's all dependent on the weather. >> that's right. christina loren fills us in on what it's looking like. >> looking good for today. but as we get further into your weekend, we're talking about the potential for showers and
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drizzle and not perfect visibility for checking out those blue angels. i want to start with this live picture. something you very, very unusually will see in the city of san francisco, an a's flag coupled with the giants' flag. we're so proud of both of our bay area teams headed to the playoffs. this weekend, saturday with the giants in town, fleet week, america's cup, the bluegrass festival, traffic is going to be a nightmare. if you're headed out there, get out there early. mike inouye will be here to give you updates throughout sunday. temperatures looking fabulous as we head throughout your afternoon, many 70s in your inland cities as opposed to the triple-digit heat we had to deal with earlier on in the week. the reason for the change, the cool winds coming off the pacific. look at all these winds coming out of west. the winds are picking up, making for all that much more action out there on the bay when it comes to the america's cup. 69 degrees in san francisco today. temperatures dropping like a rock as we get into the weekend. tomorrow, if you can make it out there, that might just be your
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best bet. we stop the clock on your futurecast. 5:00 p.m., just like yesterday. the low clouds roll in and move in quickly. by 9:00 p.m., mostly cloudy conditions. tomorrow morning, expecting some drizzle and showers. a look at this. we stop the clock for you at 11:00 a.m. temperatures much cooler, even tomorrow. friday, 69 degrees out there in san francisco. 66 on saturday. and you're going to get a little bit better viewing on saturday than you will on sunday. so keep that in mind. stray shower moves in on monday. heading through next week, all the way through wednesday, 10% to 20% shower chances. we'll be right back after this.
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a little girl this morning pleading for some help and willing to empty out her piggy bank in hopes of getting her puppy back home safely. on monday thieves broke into marisa's home in san jose and stole her brand-new puppy, a yorkie mix named mikko.
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today that little girl, marisa, offering up her piggy bank as a reward. that to go along with $6,000 put up by council member ash carla and san jose's police and fire union. >> good for them. we'll be right back.
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you may not consider bald beautiful but odds are you do see bald men as powerful and manly. >> buly comes in all shapes and sizes. a study in social psychology and personality science shows something that may shock you. many who choose to go bald were found as more masculine. >> before you shave your head, men with shaved heads were rated lower in attractiveness and also seen as being older than men with hair. >> that's why i saved up all this money for this high-priced wig. >> thanks for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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